Saturday, April 13, 2013


Cards Home Opener 2013-04 11

Stan Musial is the closest thing this town has to a civil saint. He is acknowledged as the greatest player in Cardinal history and an all-around good guy. Musial died in January at the age of 92. Monday was the first season opening day at which he was absent since he was discharged from the Navy at the end of World War II.

There was a pre-game ceremony in his honor. A design the team will wear on their shirt sleeves this year was unveiled on the outfield wall. Musial's children removed the cover. (From the hi-res original, I think our colleague in the first row is shooting a Nikon). Two pictures further down is  something of a Cardinal wall of fame on the left field wall.        

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 14

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 12

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 13

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 15


brattcat said...

ah, this has the sap running in my old baseball veins.

William Kendall said...

Wonderful pics, and quite a player.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Stan the man hey Bob. I can see that he was well treasured and will be missed. Lovely personal tribute here.

Birdman said...

LaRusso's up on that wall already? Never happen in Beantown. The WAIT would be long. said...

I am grateful that my parents moved to St. Louis in 1963, which gave me the opportunity to see Stan Musial play during his final season.

And he was followed in left field by Lou Brock.What a legacy.

I have a little glass with a reproduction of Stan Musial's signature. It is in our utility room closet and I keep picture hooks in it. I think of him each time I open the closet.

Memphis MOJO said...

His unusual batting stance (like a coiled spring) is something I'll always remember about him.

Jack said...

He was a great ballplayer and a class act. Those two things are not combined as often as they should be.