Monday, April 22, 2013

Earth Day

Earth Day In Forest Park 2013 1

The Earth Day Festival returned to Forest Park yesterday. It gets bigger (and more crowded) every year. Every wheat grass muncher, chakra cleanser, jute sandal wearer, soul traveler, wolf caller, recycler, metaphysician, circle drummer and Ph.D. herbalist in the metro area must have been there. And a couple of chiropractors, too. Me, I'm a double-blind, peer-reviewed study kind of guy when it comes to what's good for me, but there sure were some interesting people to meet.

These are just some first impressions. Top, a new member of the local faerie troop, or at least new to me. She knows how to model. More about them to come. Below, an area called the Peace Garden. I don't think the woman was an Official Faerie because she wasn't wearing wild makeup but she could bliss out even with a bus behind her. Next, one of the many products for sale, although proper soap, such as is found in my bathroom, comes from a factory and is sold by a corporation. Bottom, St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay is surrounded by faeries after officially opening the festivities. I hope they lightened his spirit.

More through the week.           

Earth Day In Forest Park 2013 2

Earth Day In Forest Park 2013 4

Earth Day In Forest Park 2013 5 (Mayor Slay And The Faeries)

5 comments: said...

The Mayor looks like he is enjoying meeting the people. I hope he is a fan and follower of St. Louis Daily Photo.

Stefan Jansson said...

I guess he had a busy day at this event. I have met the Mayor of Haninge so I know that she reads my blog every now and then.

William Kendall said...

Terrific portraits today, Bob!

Jack said...

I think I used to go out with that green faerie sticking out her tongue . . .

Virginia said...

I love the one with the Quiet Space sign. You do these events so very well B. Bravo again.