Friday, April 12, 2013


Cards Home Opener 2013-04 7

Baseball is a game of boundaries, some obvious, some subtle, some irregular. An old saying describes it as a game of inches (or centimeters, if you prefer). A small distance this way or that can make the difference between victory and defeat.

A few examples:

Top -  the Cardinals' infielders sprint to their positions at the start of the game. There is an infield and an outfield, with a running path in between. You work them in very different ways.

Second - Cardinals' center fielder Jon Jay leaps over the foul line on the way to his position. Maybe he thinks it's unlucky to step on it.

Third - Cincinnati center fielder Shin Soo Choo completely loses a ball in the sun when it was within reach. He missed it altogether, allowing it to bounce off the wall. The Cardinals scored on the play.

Bottom - Cardinals first baseman Allen Craig fouls one off. Cincinnati catcher Ryan Hanigan can't find this one, either. The concept of the strike zone is a bit mystical. For international readers who don't know the term, click here.         

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 8

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 10

Cards Home Opener 2013-04 9


Memphis MOJO said...

The photo of Choo is amazing!

Birdman said...

Life, as well, is a game of inches.

Stefan Jansson said...

You nailed the last three photos here.

Pat said...

I love baseball pics. I don't think that's a foul ball by Craig, since the bat hasn't been swung. It's great to see the balls in mid air.

William Kendall said...

Terrific dynamic energy in those shots, Bob.

Jack said...

I like the foul line leap.

These days in the majors, a strike is from the belt to the ankles. It has moved a lot lower since the days I played.