Monday, April 29, 2013

Chicago Architecture

Chicago 2013-04-28 7

Went on a walking tour yesterday with the Chicago Architecture Foundation. There are few cities with such a rich collection of old and daring new buildings.

No spare time. Working hard at playing. Today working hard at working.        

Chicago 2013-04-28 4

Chicago 2013-04-28 9

Chicago 2013-04-28 8

Chicago 2013-04-28 2

Chicago 2013-04-28 3


Memphis MOJO said...

Love this series.

Oakland Daily Photo said...

Your first shot is stunning. The starburst of light on the building on the left is the icing on this cake.

brattcat said...

fabulous chicago shots.

Wayne said...

I always take a CAF tour when I'm in Chicago. And I don't 'do' tours very often.

Jack said...

Six for six! Your architectural shots are dazzling.

Virginia said...

I have serious Bean Envy B.

Stefan Jansson said...

Great series Bob.

William Kendall said...