Friday, April 20, 2012

Oops! What Happened To The Arch?

Arch 2012-04-07 3

Oopsie. Work has been so heavy this week that I forgot what's supposed to happen on what day. Now things have calmed down and I've returned to my senses.

I've mentioned that, in a way, St. Louis is like Little-Las-Vegas-On-Mississippi. We have seven good sized casinos in the area. This one is in East St. Louis, Illinois, directly across the river from downtown. When the sign says "loosest slots," it means that this place claims to have the highest ratio of payback to money wagered on slot machines anywhere in the country. Note to math majors: if P is the amount of payback and $ is the total amount thrown into the machines, P < $, always. Every day, every machine.


cieldequimper said...

How nice to see Humphrey!

Something in my brain must be missing because I can't understand gambling. I wonder if the arch does.

Birdman said...

Math made simple!

Virginia said...

I always say, "Look at Las Vegas, they don't build those things with casinos losing money!" Even I understand this.

Nathalie said...

Ah ha ha, that's a good one !
Thanks for the story behind the photo, I find it really useful. Now if P < $, always, the question of "in what proportions" can indeed be of interest. I'd never would have understood "loosest slots" without your explanation.

I don't gamble, never did, never will. I'd rather spend my money on things I'm sure of.

Stefan Jansson said...

We have one Casino in Stockholm.Owned by the state. I have never been there, but it used to be a fun disco/nightclub back in the 1980s and I was a frequent guest during those days. Nice to see the Arch again.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

This is a totally different take on the Arch Bob..I'm just recovering from the fact that you have SEVEN casinos in St Louis, wow that seems a tad excessive!!