Sunday, April 29, 2012


First Robotics Championship 2

First Robotics Championship 1

Fighting, hoop-shooting, radio-controlled robots - who could resist? An organization called First Robotics seems to have made St. Louis its home for the championship competition. It takes place on the floor of our cavernous domed football stadium. High school students from all over design and build these gizmos. 

I could not get the clearest idea of the rules. Somehow the robots suck up basketballs off the floor and shoot them at hoops, the higher off the floor, the more points. They can also raid one another's zones, trying to disrupt the other team's shooting. The spectators were as interesting as the contests.

First Robotics Championship 4

First Robotics Championship 5


William Kendall said...

"And lo, none gathered knew that it would be the last time robots would serve to amuse them. For it was in the following year that the robot revolution had begun, and within a month, humanity was bent low, made to serve the cold, soulless robots for all time..."

Olivier said...

je pensais pas qu'il y avait autant de fan et aussi fou ,pour ce type de tournois said...

Julie's half brother is in St. Louis as part of the Robotics team from Scottsdale's Saguaro High School, which is the Arizona representative to the Robotics competition.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

There are some pretty 'interesting' looks here Bob. It's certainly a very well attended happening!