Friday, April 6, 2012

Snake In The Grass

Snake In The Grass 1

Thar be monsters.

There is a walking and cycling trail that runs along the Mississippi, starting in a semi-derelict industrial area a couple of kilometers north of the Arch. It has a mini park at the entrance - we're using the term park loosely - set up by our town's late mad genius and entrepreneur, Bob Cassilly. (He even got an obituary in the New York Times.) The theme of the sculptures he installed seems to be sleepy or amorous serpents (more about the latter soon). Visitors find it jolting to pull into a lonely gravel parking lot, only to be confronted by a huge cement snake. Could they be scarier than baby snakes?

Snake In The Grass 2


cieldequimper said...

I'll make a big detour.

Stefan Jansson said...

Let them sleep.

VP said...

A very big snake!

Virginia said...

THat creeped me out. I have snakeaphobia.

Bibi said...


Unknown said...

This is great!