Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Grain Storage, With A View

Cargill Elevator

The top photo didn't inspire me but it got quite a few views on Flickr. That made me decide to try it here and set it in context.

It is a grain elevator complex beside the Mississippi in East St. Louis, Illinois. I was standing immediately to the south in the park surrounding the Malcolm Martin overlook that faces the Arch. The elevator has a long, complex mechanism that reaches across the levee to push grain in or out of barges (not sure which). We'll have a proper Arch picture tomorrow.

Elevator And Overlook Park

Overlook And Arch


Olivier said...

MAIS on est pas jeudi et que vois je ???? l'arche ;) j'aime bien la première photo , les nouvelles granges

cieldequimper said...

For some odd reason, I really like grain elevators. And I like the Wednesday arch a lot.

Nathalie said...

You mean the bottom wasn't a proper arch photo? It works for me though.

I must say I understand why your top photo raised interest. To me it has the same 'perfect world' quality that the photo you took of your mother-in-law's street. Too neat not to be disturbing.

brattcat said...

love this final shot. there's something so iconic about it.

Wayne said...

The shot works for me Bob. I like industrial scenes and the lines, colour and light work well. I'd have tried this shot if I'd been there.

Jack said...

The first image is interesting in large part because of its stern geometry. Your bottom image -- with a dramatic sky and the arch -- is a lovely but more typical Mississippi River scene.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

I'll take the Arch however it comes Bob!