Thursday, July 30, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

Not what you were expecting, perhaps. Because the Arch is so monolithic, we don't think much about the details of the surface but here's one. What holds those huge stainless steel plates together? It ain't superglue. This is is a close-up shot with a Lensbaby of the welds at the juncture of four plates at a corner of the structure.

WHAT FELT REALLY GOOD: a few days ago, I received the following message in a comment to one of my photos on Flickr. The writer and I got in touch and some prints will be on their way shortly. Photography really can have an impact.
I just found your blogs on the Internet today and you have no idea what your photos mean to me personally. I am a native of St. Louis (40 year old litigation paralegal) who is currently recovering from a nearly fatal car accident on June 3, 2009. Unfortunately, I am recovering in Atlanta and I am so terribly homesick for STL. I miss my hometown more than you can even imagine and your wonderful photos really made me feel "close to St. Louis" again. I would love to have a copy of your photos in a book that I could keep by my hospital bed for those times when I am feeling truly homesick and missing my friends and family and beautiful St. Louis. You have truly captured STL in all of its magnificent glory in so many of your photos. Thank you.


Olivier said...

voila un commentaire qui fait chaud au cœur....belle idée de photo pour l'arche, tu l'as prise avec le Lensbaby ?
Here is a comment which heats in the heart. A nice idea of photograph for the arch, having hushed up about the whizz appraises with Lensbaby?

Meri said...

Fabulous shot today. . . such an interesting perspective, so unexpected. And the "What Felt Really Good" is such food for a photographer's soul. Could you do a slideshow to email to that woman? I'm sure it would bring her much comfort.

cieldequimper said...

Wow that *is* close! And what a fantastic comment!

U "R" Us said...

Saw this on your flickr the other day. Really cool, perfect usage of the lensbaby.

Midnite Sun said...

What a thoughtful and sincere note by this person. That is really special!

I LOVE the detail that you captured of the arch. It is so amazing to realize that the arch is held together by the intricate welding and has lasted generations. There is a great documentary on PBS about the arch that is definitely worth watching.

Thank you for sharing!

Jilly said...

Love the detail you show us here, Bob and such a beautiful soft mix of colours too. You'd somehow not expect it, or rather I didn't.

Virginia said...

Great up close and personal shot of L'Arch! Ha

Isn't is heartwarming to know that something that brings you such personal pleasure also has the same effect on others!! Just a wonderful story.


PS I"m thinking you might be able to quit your "day job" real soon!!!