Friday, July 10, 2009

Citygarden: Steel and Water

One of the many pools and streams in Citygarden, facing part of 2 Arcs X 4, 230.5 Degree Arc X 5 by Bernar Venet. Venet believes that art should not be the expression of the artist. Rather, the concept or idea is most important. Much of his recent work is based on mathematical graphs or formulas. Does that satisfy your aesthetic sense?

Note the people wading. It's part of the concept.


Olivier said...

j'adore la première photo, on la dirait une gravure
I love the first photograph, they would say it an engraving

Sharon said...

Beautiful photos! I love that water feature!

Maggid said...

Wonderful! You have given me a better perspective - New ideas about our city . . . Thank you!

Beautiful Photos.

cieldequimper said...

What a lovely place! No wonder you were raving about it!

Corinne said...

Great shot, Bob! The sky background in the first pic is amazing. Sorry it's been so long since I commented. Still enjoy the Thursday Arch series, too.