Friday, July 31, 2009

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Thomas Shepherd

.Like Danielle Correll, I know Thomas Shepherd from Soulard Art Market. This is Shepherd's third appearance on STL DPB, which may be a record (see the previous posts here and here). He is working on a web site but there is an interesting display of his work on the SAM site. Shepherd is primarily a photographer but some of his creations involve sculpture and collage. I have one of his photos in my office, a square-cropped picture of the head of a man with wild hair and beard, gazing up and out of the frame, shot with a Holga. It's really cool. Not familiar with Holgas? Have a look here.


Birdman said...

A very interesting set of portraits and stories. I've enjoyed them.

cieldequimper said...

Another great one (on his way to CDP stardom!). His work is intriguing. Have a good weekend!

Mo said...

Great series of portraits