Friday, July 3, 2009

STL DPB On The Road: Toronto

Canada Day in Toronto: this man was literally wrapped in the flag. We stopped and talked for a while. He wasn't a Torontonian, but rather from London, Ontario, half-way to Detroit. Why did he dress like that? "I just really love my country," he said. He wasn't nutty, just warm and full of enthusiasm. Most Canadians are like that. And down here?


Olivier said...

VIVE LE CANADA...Voila un beau portrait de nationaliste. Bon Weekend du 4 Juillet

Saretta said...

Happy Canada Day!

Wayne said...

I"m acquainted with a few of the nutty ones.

Virginia said...

I think what Wayne meant to say is the he is one of the nutty ones! HA I love Olivier's Vive le Canada!!!