Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Citygarden - Laura Ford's Bird

This bird would not stare you down, the angle of the photo notwithstanding. It is child size, maybe a little over a meter tall. It has human legs and feet. The garden's brochure says that many of Laura Ford's works are based on observation of her own children and recollection of her feelings growing up.


Olivier said...

une vision personnelle, assez surprenante
a personal, rather amazing vision

~Christina~ said...

Striking photo...your angle made all the difference in this being interesting. Thanks for sharing.

Jilly said...

What fun. There is an exhibition of eagles in Monaco at the moment - when I start to show them in a day or so, you'll see similarities with Laura Ford's work, Bob. At least I think you will!

Lee Spangler said...

first time on your site. I like your statue pix and boy jumping over water a lot. I've never been to St Louis, but want to see it now.