Monday, July 13, 2009

STL DPB On The Road: Chicago

Some readers of this blog must think I'm never at home anymore. Well, sometimes. This is the north stairwell of the outstanding Museum of Contemporary Art in Chicago. If you are in the area, you gotta go see the exhibit Take Your Time with work by Olafur Eliasson. It simply blew us away.

I got lots of other good shots yestersay at the Chicago Folk and Roots Festival, as well as the Cubs - Cardinals baseball game (Cards win!). It's late Sunday night as I write this. I'll post some pix as soon as I can edit them.


Olivier said...

Chicago, le temple du blues....belle photo graphique (qui donne le tournis ;o) )
Chicago, the temple of the blues .nice graphic photograph (which gives giddy ;o ))

Miranda McAfee said...

Bob, this is gorgeous! It almost looks like a reflection in a door knob or something with the curve of the staircase.

Virginia said...

This is fabulous B. I swear I can't figure out where you were though. Looking up or down. It makes me dizzy!HA Can't wait to see more. Are you and MRs.C selling your house and just living in airports now?