Sunday, July 19, 2009

Citygarden - Fountains and Pools

One of the best things about Citygarden is that you can play with it. No "keep out of the water" signs, no "do not touch or climb on the sculpture" prohibitions. It is interactive in the most meaningful way. Kids--and their parents, if they want--can run through the water, roll around in if it pleases them. In the area pictured, each of the square grates shoots up a stream about a meter high at irregular intervals.

On Saturday, children were climbing all over the sculptures, even the bigger ones. There is a Mark di Suvero work that's about three meters high (we'll have a picture of it eventually). Kids were all over it yesterday afternoon. It seems obvious that before long one of them is going to fall off and get injured. Given America's tort laws, there will be claims and litigation.

Will that change the nature of the garden? I hope not. For now, it invites everyone to dive in and experience its joy.

BONUS PICTURE: another perspective on the work in yesterday's post, Jim Dine's Big White Glove.


Sharon said...

This looks like a great gathering spot. I love the way you captured the youngster in mid-hop!

U "R" Us said...

I like this, it's the same with the Crown Fountain at Millennium Park here, and I think it creates such a cool, joyful public space. Also, the smaller photo here is awesome. Looks like you used some fill flash to nice effect.

Snapper said...

Hey Bob, love the bonus picture!