Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Portraits of St. Louis Artists: Danielle Correll

I've known Danielle Correll from the Soulard Art Market, the only gallery where I've shown my stuff. She works in many media but I had no idea how many and how successfully until I checked her web site. She paints, draws, photographs and does a variety of graphics. If you are in St. Louis, you should go bt SAM and check it out.

I'm particularly happy with this portrait for the light, color range and sense of a competent, confident woman.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series, then a return to artists' portraits on Friday.


Olivier said...

j'aime bien ce double portrait. j'aime les photos sur son site.

I like the double portrait. I like the photos on his site.

Jilly said...

I so like your artists' series, Bob. You are right about this artist - she looks confident and comfortable in her skin, as we say in France. I do like her work- such a strong image and again, a confident one. Her website is fascinating. One exceedingly talented lady.

Ineke said...

great photo! in fact all the portraits are and i applaud you for it, coz up front portraits i find are very hard to do

Unknown said...

What a humbling and honoring moment. Thank you so much Bob for a lovely post!! Your photos are a wonderful treat each day and I look forward to them! xoxo Danielle

Anonymous said...

I've known Danielle since we were wee teens and I've always know she has an amazing talent and is so versatile and always wanting to learn more and more and more. She's a super lady, great friend and amazing artist. She's my Dannerkins :) GO GIRL!