Thursday, February 12, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

Occasionally, I try to think of new ways to shoot this hunk of metal I've photographed thousands of times. Putting the Arch in the context of the city is something I haven't done much. There are a limited range of views that are not blocked by buildings. This is looking east from 10th and Market Streets. I like how the building on the left perfectly mirrors the south leg, as if it were an extension of the north leg that falls behind it.

We're out of town without easy Internet access. Postings may be sporadic.

WHAT'S TODAY? Charles Darwin's 200th birthday! Abraham Lincoln's 200th birthday! Hooray for both of them.

TOMORROW: reptilian smooch.

There is a new Arch photo

today on Gateway.


Olivier said...

magnifique (j'adore cette série), on a l'impression qu'elle surveille la ville et la protège.

beautiful (I love this series), one gets the impression that monitors the city and protect it.

cieldequimper said...

Again, a perfect photo!

Knoxville Girl said...

it's an overarching view. excellent perspective.
hooray for Darwin! is there natural selection amongst photographs?
have a safe trip, wherever you're going.

Virginia said...

This one is just fab B. I too like the mirror effect. Now that took either a heck of a lot of planning on your part or some damn good luck. I know you'll tell me it was planned, so I won't even ask!HA

Sharon said...

I always love this view of the arch and how it perfectly framed the old courthouse. Speaking of perfect, your photo showing the shadow of the arch leg in that building couldn't be better!

Thanks for the response to my question back on the 8th! I know exactly where you mean. When I drove over to the Lafayette Square area, I remember passing a rather scary old building. That must have been the one that was torn down. I used to go to Lafayette Square for Mexican food at a place called Arcelia's.

lana said...

You can see the arch from the highest point in the city--sublette park. I have also caught a clear view from parts of south county--tesson ferry and 55, I think.

Bibi said...

That is great. Knowing you are traveling, I first thought it was Photoshopped onto another city!