Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Day's End In The Grove

As I mentioned is yesterday's post, this one's for our friend Snapper of Gabriola Daily Photo. It reminds me of his style - he likes quiet shots of daylight filtering through the woods. His work is more pure than mine. His favorite tool is a classic Leica film camera. My stuff is tech heavy digital but it's the final result that counts. This image from Tower Grove Park is an HDR with much processing in Photomatix and Photoshop. HDRs are often full of hallucinogenic color but it's fascinating to see the effects you can get in low key black and white pictures.

WHAT I DID LAST NIGHT: Got a haircut! Not a common event. Sort of a low priority in a very busy life.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series (on Thursday this week) and a new Arch photo on Gateway.


nanak said...

great shot !
i love black and white

Kim said...

Ooooo, fun to play around with value in the B&W HDR. Those shadows look like they could walk. Nice homage to your photo friend's style.
Seattle Daily Photo

Knoxville Girl said...

this is just sublime.
btw, loved your take on theme day. my Internet access is spotty at best these days, so can't visit as often.

Olivier said...

superbe b&w, les ombres rendent très bien.

Virginia said...

Snap should be very pleased with this one. I am fascinated with what you can pull out of a photo with your "stuff". This is different from your usual fare Bob. Maybe after theme day you took a new path!

PS thanks for the haircut reminder. I'm calling right this minute!

Victor said...

Well, first of all, thanks for the tip of the hat. It doesn't really matter what kind of guitar you play, all that counts is what comes out of the speakers right? Ditto with photographs and this one is marvelous. Film, digital, whatever, what matters is the emotional impact of the final image. Beautifully done Bob!

SundaySoup said...

Very nice, Bob! Snapper gave me the link and I'm glad he did.

Mrs. Snapper

Vivian aka Deborah said...

I was surfing for this winter haiku blog that I found yesterday and didn't have time to follow it and being that I love photography too, I decided to take a peek at your work. Glad I did, it is quite impressive. Day's End in the Grove is a haunting B&W shot. I love the movement in it, the shadows and the depth of field. Nicely done! was your haircut? I happen to be a barber, so I had to laugh at your comment of "low priority" I hear that a lot.

~ Viv

Bibi said...

I have to echo Kim's "Oooo..." I took a very similar photo yesterday of trees growing up through water; almost the same effect. Perhaps I'll post it soon and link back to you!

Jane Hards Photography said...

I thought it was snapper in the portal. I really enjoy his work of light and shade. I know I'm too much the purist( my job dictates I am a lot ) so for me too see what can be achieved in HDR in low key way was an eye opener. Classy.

PJ said...

Haircuts for me are not routine or easily accomplished. I have "problem" hair. It's BIG TRUBZ for everyone involved. One in a million. Yup.

Ahem, back to more important matters. This photo makes me feel like a child with full faculties and senses full on, amping up the idea of this scene. What is happening here??????I ponder. My eyes are wide open.