Friday, February 20, 2009

Waste Material

Still shooting in the post-industrial barrens north of the Arch. Central Waste Material Company is a dealer in scrap metal of all kinds. It seems hard to imagine, though, that urban homesteaders, now creeping into the area, would want to live by (in bold capitals, please) CENTRAL WASTE. But then you wouldn't want to associate yourself with peripheral waste, would you?

Ansel Adams (yay!). Patty Hearst. Kurt Cobain. Charles Barclay. Cindy Crawford. Me. So much for astrology.

TOMORROW: the Black Morte


cieldequimper said...

Great shot again! That kind of building is an endangered species!
BTW, thanks for your comment & I am registered at City Daily Photo... ;-)

Birdman said...

Agree... these buildings shot in black and white are striking!

Kim said...

Hey, a great reason to celebrate this sunny February 20th in Seattle: a great guy was born on this date and he has a Cola brand named for his initials, too! :-)
Happy birthday to ya, Bob. I hope it's great day filled with some fun and the things you most enjoy. One of the things WE most enjoy are your shots! Thanks for that treat everyday. You inspire so many of us to keep reaching in our photo work.
Seattle Daily Photo

Joe Cottonwood said...

The masonry is fascinating, especially what seems to be a false front including false windows. Is there really something behind them?

I hope somebody has the sense to preserve this building.

I've wandered those post-industrial barrens of St. Louis and it feels like some post-nuclear-holocaust planet. Naturally, I love it.

DAG said...

Happy Birthday, great photo of a beautiful building. Would you Know any history of the building?

Anonymous said...

Very dramatic photo, you processed it well!

Happy birthday Bob, I hope you don't have a wasted day! LOL

Thanks for your kind visits to Avignon. You raised a valid point regarding the use of the word ticket in French.

Generally speaking I have found that we use the word ticket for an entry ticket that is very small in size (metro, cinema) and use the word billet for a larger piece of paper (un billet d'avion/ airplane ticket). Interesting, eh?

Anonymous said...

A striking picture in black and white for sure

Bibi said...

Lots of buildings like this have been made into apartments; I wouldn't think it a 'waste' to live here!

Bibi said...

Hey! Happy Birthday! It's also the birthday of two of my colleagues!!

Miranda McAfee said...

Happy Birthday a few days late! This photo is beautiful in B&W.