Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Travel Day

An American Airlines Boeing 757 glides over the St. Louis riverfront. This is a day in the air. I won't have Internet service where I'm staying unless I go to the bar down a street with free WiFi. The blog is posted ahead. a couple of days Details to follow.

WHAT I APOLOGIZE FOR IN ADVANCE: won't be able to leave comments on your blogs for several days.

Thursday Arch Series.


Olivier said...

magnifique, nous voila dans un film fantastique "on a perdu le 757".

beautiful, we are in a fantasy film "has lost 757.

Virginia said...

Good grief, ever the hardworking photographer. Now that's a gorgeous shot B. I have no clue where you are headed. It shall all be revealed I'm sure.

cara said...

Brilliant shot. I love the sky.

Bibi said...

Great photo....ominous at the same time.

• Eliane • said...

Wow. Just wow.