Friday, February 27, 2009

Portraits From Bedlam / At the Mardi Gras Parade - Beetlejuice?

That's what U "R" Us tells me, anyway. I didn't see the movie, or almost any other movie, due to my time deficit. I wonder if President Obama can help cut my deficit in half by 2012.

WHAT HAPPENED AT HOME EARLY YESTERDAY AFTERNOON: I got Mrs. C home from the hospital and she walked up the eight steps to our front door without help. Remarkable.



Virginia said...

Vewy scawey! Kind of a gruesome clown type! Glad Mrs.C is on the mend!

cieldequimper said...

Good for Mrs C.! I can't wait for Bacchus! ;-)

Jilly said...

How original to put this in B andW. I can imagine he was wearing colours yet it so works this way, with a certain amount of menace perhaps?