Sunday, January 11, 2009

Trains Across The Mississippi

More HDR. It visual drama seems to fit the subject. I shot this standing near the edge of the river looking back west at the city. No idea how old this bridge is but it carries heavy freight across the Mississippi all day long.

a Christmas gift from my wife, Glass Box, a 10 CD survey of the career of composer Philip Glass. Note the Chuck Close portrait on the link to the set on Amazon. In 1984, my wife and I attended a performance of Glass' first opera, Einstein On the Beach, at the Brooklyn Academy of Music. It approached six hours long, with the audience invited to wander in and out at will. It was a day that rearranged my neurons and sent me in a new direction. Here's a sample.

next cruise.


Anonymous said...

Nice shot. I like the intensity of the colors.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Abraham about your photo,
but I came here from Jing`s blog, where you said, that you have walked with her in Shanghai!
I will go there with my husband next May and I have already written to Jing about that :)
She answered very kindly!
That will be very interesting, I hope we are not too tired in shanghai after traveling over week in China before that!

Nice Sunday to you and greetings snowy Finland!

Joe Cottonwood said...

Taken in 1940, right? (Except for a couple of small details.)

Great image. You've moved out of the realm of photography into some new zone that so far has no name - except HDR, which just won't do. Keep going!

rob said...

Great HDR!

Virginia said...

Great photograph today. I am getting use to your HDR now. I think it takes a while to adjust to the dramatics of it all.

The music.....using extreme will power I lasted 3:46 to be exact. Then I screamed at my computer monitor and the top of my head blew off! That is the kind of thing that makes me want to bite nails in half but I am thrilled that you enjoy it and it makes you happy to listen to it! Six hours....really.

Janet Kincaid said...

Six hours?! Oy. Cool HDR treatment here. I really like how the bridge abutment stands out. Very nice.