Monday, January 5, 2009

East Wing

The St. Louis Art Museum is often a quiet place. Although it has an excellent collection for its moderate size, it ain't the Metropolitan or the Louvre and this burg ain't New York or Paris. There are balconies overlooking the great hall connecting the east and west wings of the building. The volumes of space and light around them can be most attractive.

WHAT I WAS JUST WONDERING: is there a 12 step program for photography addiction?

TOMORROW: nobody loves Anselm Kiefer.


Anonymous said...

Sometimes it is the small and delicate that is the most attractive. I have been to some large places in Washington DC and while they had some magnificent works of art, I like the Dayton Art Institute too -- and it is very small.

Olivier said...

je suis d'accord avec Abraham, les petits musées sont souvent tres beaux et surprenant, a NYC tu as le "The Frick Collection" qui est petit et vraiment superbe, le Whitney n'est pas grand et il a des œuvres somptueuses

I agree with Abraham, small museums are often very beautiful and surprising, you have a NYC "The Frick Collection", which is small and beautiful, the Whitney is not great and he works sumptuous

brattcat said...

Light, shadow, and texture come together beautifully in this shot.

Jen said...

If you find the 12 step program let me know. I am in deep. Although, I think the first step is to admit you have a problem, so we are getting there! But do we really want to quit?

I am enjoying the SLAP pictures. I think it has been too long since I visited. I will put that on my to do list.

Virginia said...

Hi, my name is Bob and I am addicted to photography and all the paraphenalia that goes with it. If I don't stop I will have to fire myself from my own law firm for dereliction of duty.

I like SLAP a lot. Good photo. Dang the Christmas bows!

Wayne said...

Bob, unless you've found yourself rummaging behind the sofa cushions for extra memory cards I doubt you're addicted.

I am concerned that you could develop carpal tunnel syndrome in your shutter finger.

Julie said...

It is getting brutal around here: first we were SLAMing and now we are SLAPing.

Virginia said...

Pardon moi. That would be SLAM and the slap on the forehead is pour moi!

this too will pass said...

great blog and images

Chuck Pefley said...

Bob, thanks for your visit and comment. Yes, a daily post is definitely a commitment ... more than I truly realized when beginning this gig. But, as I've observed previously, the exercise is good and necessary and pleasant most of the time. Growth is good though not always welcomed by the sedentary and complacent.

The 5D Mk 2 is a fine camera and the video aspect offers some new possibilities that I'm only now beginning to explore. We'll see where that might lead.

Your east wing photo at iso 1600 looks great ... in-spite of the bows :)

Happy New Year!