Saturday, January 17, 2009


Dvin is a tiny Eastern European restaurant in Webster Groves, the suburb where I live. A mother-daughter team owns the place, cooks the food and serves it. As one review puts it, in Slavic style the walls and tables are decorated within an inch of their lives. So my wife and I had dinner there recently and I'm sitting around waiting for the food with a point-n-shoot in my pocket looking for action. I kept looking at this salt and pepper set, an association barely under my consciousness radar. Then it hit me: cooling towers, a giant palm - a nuclear power plant in Saudi Arabia.

Locals: if you haven't been there you really should go. The food is delicious and inexpensive. They don't have a liquor license so bring your own wine - they will provide glasses. No need for reservations. We've never seen it full.

WHAT'S ON IN STL TODAY: The Loop Ice Carnival. The Loop is a funky dining, shopping and entertainment strip crossing the border between St. Louis and University City. I think the carnival is an excuse for day-long cold-weather drinking and then taking sledgehammers to giant blocks of ice, just to see what happens to your shoulders.

TOMORROW: with luck, something from this event.


Sharon said...

They do look like cooling towers! Hey, have a root beer at Fitz's for me while you are in the loop!

Virginia said...

S & P = cooling towers. How much wine had you swilled at that point??? That's hilarious. You beat all.

PJ said...

This reminds me of a restaurant in Mobile, The Jersusalem Cafe. It's in a strip mall, tiny little place, and I could eat there everyday. Hooray for P&S's.

Knoxville Girl said...

dobru chut, Bob. Slavic food will make you hallucinate, obviously.
are those nuclear or nuc-u-lar S&P?