Thursday, January 29, 2009

Winter Looking Down, Part 2

A block away from where I work, there is an old office building that has been converted to apartments. The developers put in a rooftop pool during the renovations. We can see it from my partner's office - something to amuse her during the summer. On a snowy winter day, the lines and colors become simple.

WHAT I DID LAST NIGHT THAT I SHOULD DO MUCH MORE OFTEN: go to the gym. Yes, we all need exercise but it's just a drudge chore to me.

Thursday Arch Series, a day late, and also a new Arch photo on Gateway.

OOPS! I've had such a week at work I forgot that today is Thursday Arch day. I will be up tomorrow. Actually, there is a good reason to do it tomorrow rather than today.


Anonymous said...

What, no Thursday Arch?
Whatever happened to traditions?

I'm glad it's your partner's office overlooking the pool and not yours, you'd be risk having dirty thoughts watching girls in bathing suits from your office - it would be hard to concentrate on your work I suspect.

I love the effect created here, just in yesterday's geometric design.

Yes, the wicked fairy is a great friend to have. In fact he isn't wicked at all, he's the kindest young man you can think of.

Anonymous said...

And BTW - congratulations on your gym effort. By the way you talk about it I doubt it will be a regular event though. Am I wrong?

Olivier said...

avec toute cette neige, on dirait une photo cramée, c'est impressionnant.
with all this snow, it looks like a photo' burn. Is impressive.

Virginia said...

This one is hard to beleive Bob. At first I thought my penchant for overexposure had rubbed off on you! Great shot!!! Stick this somewhere so you can find it for Best Of or something!

Sharon said...

Great study in lines and colors.

Victor said...

I miss the Arch but like this pool picture a lot. And, if I may offer a suggestion...a bicycle is way more fun than the gym. You'll feel like a 10 year-old on two wheels.

Antjas said...

So, did you get an invite to Wash U for tomorrow? Could that be the OOPS!!

Bibi said...

At last! A pool where a non-swimmer like me is at ease...

Love the icy colors and lines here.

PJ said...

The blue looks polar.