Thursday, January 15, 2009

Thursday Arch Series

Another image from Sunday night's riverfront moonrise shoot. What's that line in the sky? The lights of an airplane heading for St. Louis' Lambert Airport, caught on a two second exposure. If you look closely, you might be able to see the plane's red and green lights flashing at two positions.

too much work to do. WHAT I DON'T HAVE: enough time. WHAT ELSE I HAVE: a photography obsession and a closet full of gear. WHAT'S A FELLA TO DO? Beat's me. Probably more of the same.

night at the Old Courthouse

There is another new Arch photo
today on


Sharon said...

This is beautiful!

Victor said...

Can't get enough of the Arch Series. See ya next Thursday!

PJ said...

La bella luna. I am moonstruck.

Virginia said...

What's an obsessed fella to do with all his stuff? Auction it off on CDP- Bay!!! I am all about buying some Ex-Crowe paraphenalia if it fits my Canon. Bring it on Bob!

OOPS, like that Arch shot a lot of course. Have I ever NOT liked one???

Jilly said...

Oh what a shot. Fabulous, Bob. I'm really beginning to understand why you take all the arch photos.