Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Frozen Stogie

Why shouldn't a frozen lion smoke a cigar? King Of the Beasts, alpha dude, all that Freudian stuff that cigars imply. As is happens, this sculpture at the Ice Carnival was in front of what they call a smoke shop in this country (selling supplies for more things than tabacky, although they got that). The whole ice tablet was shaped like a cigarette lighter and it said "Zippo" across the top.

George H. Bush has 15 more hours in office. Let's hope Cheney doesn't pull a fast one overnight.

TOMORROW: pizazz to the 6th power.


Julie said...

Cheney did indeed pull something overnight - but I suspect it was a slack one.

Virginia said...

I can still remember how those nice Zippo lighters smelled with that lighter fluid and all. Weird I know. Well the sculpture is just great and I am on the edge of my seat about tomorrow's pizazz!!! Oh lordy, no telling what you've done now!

U "R" Us said...

Neat! Isn't that the U City insignia?

Bob Crowe said...

J - Cheney was in a wheelchair today. He threw out his back lifting boxes while packing up his office so it kept him out of trouble.

V - it ain't that great. I mean, it's a nice picture and all, another ice sculpture, but you'll see what I mean. Another of my puffed up metaphors.

U - exactly right. Didn't think that would mean anything to non-locals. Cf. the second picture in last Sunday's post.