Monday, January 26, 2009

The End Of The Streetcar Line

Tennessee Williams left St. Louis during his college years. He died in a hotel room in New York. Now he lies here again, in the wandering lanes of Calvary Cemetery. His colorful younger brother, Dakin Williams, stayed in the area, practicing law in the Illinois suburbs. Perhaps that's what brought him back here in the end. Some St. Louisan cares enough about him to bring flowers to his grave.

a hybrid car. About time.

the Western Lands.

There's a new Arch photo
today on Gateway.


Virginia said...

I still want to know about the sculpture. It looks similar to pieces here done by Birmingham artist Cordray Parker. Love your title today.

Victor said...

When we moved to Canada, I was forced to jettison a lot of my library. One volume I kept was TW's poetry book, ANDROGYNE, MON AMOUR. Powerful stuff. Nice photo to remind me to pull it off the shelf more often. And congrats on the Prius!

PJ said...

I've been photographing cemeteries and find them a challenge. The monuments age and lose definition or are discolored but there's something very soothing about seeing beautifully made monuments to a loved on. The simplicity of this one is, well, grand. I'm interested in the quote. Do you know why this one was picked? I'm also curious to know if you brought the flowers.