Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Winter Looking Down, Part 1

This is the first of a short series of photos taken on a cold Sunday from the windows of our office in downtown St. Louis. This garage is immediately beneath my own office. Its simple geometry has been on the blog once before on a warmer day. Click here.

miserable. Sleet and snow, 20 F/-7 C, increasing fog. I sent my staff home early do they could do their driving before dark. But, hey, it's winter and it's worse north of here.

TOMORROW: winter looking down, part 2


Olivier said...

avec la neige, il n'y a plus de frontière. belle photo vue d'en haut.

Chris said...

Reminds me of that parking lot shot in the movie Fargo.

rob said...

Difficult to tell what was the photo about without the text. Great shot!

Snapper said...

Bob, this is simply brilliant. Stuff like this is everywhere but so few see it. Bravo! Looking forward to the rest of the mini-series.

Bibi said...

Reminds me of sort of a desaturated Mondrian pattern! I like the subtle tones here.

PJ said...

This is a great abstract. I like it as much as the granary building photo. I especially like that it isn't monochrome though it looks like it at first blush.