Thursday, September 11, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

I thought I'd find something appropriate in the archives for our favorite Thursday monument photo. This one is a study in sky texture and the filling of space. I like the little optical illusion in shots from this angle. The apex of the Arch appears to be the topmost point in the picture, although it is actually further around the curve going clockwise. You may just be able to see the little slot windows of the observation deck. That's the top.

WHAT'S REALLY ANNOYING: I have to drive 2 1/4 hours each way today for a single hearing in an outlying town and the case isn't even that good. Guess I signed up for this, though.

Greetings, paternal unit.


Virginia said...

Love the cloud cover against the metal. This is one of my fav arch shots. Gee, let me get my Deezer player out and play "On the Road Again" by Wilie Nelson for you.

Victor said...

Ah, your arch series never disappoints. Thanks ST!

Olivier said...

le b&w lui va si bien, superbe
b&w if it goes well, superb