Monday, September 15, 2008

Monsters In Our Midst

Were the last couple of days' posts a bit, um, heavy? Then maybe a sightless monster will be more to everyone's liking. It kind of reminds me of a blind horror I saw in a Star Wars movie or the cover of a Dune novel from way back somewhere. It may stalk you in your dreams. You may feel compelled to fill the ravenous dark maw with an itsie doggie treat.

WHAT I WAS TOO LAZY TO DO: I wanted to get out yesterday and shoot the remains of Hurricane Ike as it passed over St. Louis. However, by the time I drank some more coffee, looked over the paper, took a shower and cleaned my lenses, it was gone.

TOMORROW: fluid.


Virginia said...

Calm down Killer! That bad man with the camera will be gone soon.

Sharon said...

Great shot! I love it when a photo makes me smile.

Jilly said...

Love it!

Knoxville Girl said...

"ready to bite the hand that feeds me. step right up."
those books yesterday seemed so sad hanging there, nailed to wood - could say a hint of religion there? - maybe abandonment of ideas?
dammit, I'm a librarian, not an art critic. some of my faves are nailed there.

Bibi said...

Wooo! An attack marshmallow! I have a white, but peaceful dog on my blog today!

Victor said...