Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Taste of St. Louis

You see this around a lot in the US: some local organization has a Taste of Wherever festival. Lots of area restaurants set up tents and sell small portions of their offerings for a moderate price. You can sample this and that. I always go to shoot at these and then afterwards I always tell myself it was a waste of time. It's really crowded, you can't get any good angles and the light is often harsh. So I went again anyway (it was near my office) and only got a couple of good shots. The promotion pictured above seems particularly appropriate and candid. In fact, I was quite surprised by it. Sort of like going to a medical clinic and finding someone selling life insurance.

WHAT'S DOWN TODAY: as if you have to ask. Farewell, retirement.

TOMORROW: CDPB Monthly Theme Day: Lines


Virginia said...

I love the the words down near the bottom, " TUMS, Bring It On"! Yeah, after all that tasting, you probably will. I think the giant inflatable TUMS pack was worth the trip to the festival.

Anonymous said...

Oh I'm not sure if you were prepsring or selling food you would be comfortable with being sponsored by Tums.

Sharon said...

How appropriate. Somewhere in my stash of pre-digital photos I have a picture of the art deco Tums building. I wonder if it's still there.

Knoxville Girl said...

oh yeah, Tums, and right when I need them after looking at the shreds of my portfolio.
Whatever usually tastes pretty good but I agree, it photographs poorly.

Sasha said...

Hey there! Obviously I never got back to you the day of the flood (which, BTW, was the Brentwood Place Apartments). Been really busy since then. Anyway, just stopping in now hoping you had your theme day shot up early. Obviously I'll have to check in later. Also BTW-I'm almost done with school!!!

Felicia said...

I see your point about going to places and trying to get good photos, but this was not a waste because I laughed at this juxtaposition of The Bull and the Tums. Too funny!