Monday, September 22, 2008

It Keeps Going And Going And Going Nowhere

Americans know the Energizer Bunny - it keeps going and going and going. This one is going nowhere in a hurry. Energizer's corporate headquarters is here and its balloon is traditionally the hare (now that's clever) that the other inflatables follow. There was a last minute announcement on Saturday that it was not airworthy and it would just stay tethered, wiggling its pink bunny batteries at the crowd.

WHAT WAS PRETTY COOL: Sunday was the St. Louis Cardinals open house at Busch Stadium for baseball season ticket holders. ShadowyOne and I waited in line over an hour to go through the Card's clubhouse and dugout but it was worth it. Pix later in the week.

TOMORROW: would you put up with another balloon or two?


Sharon said...

So that bunny does have to recharge every now and then, huh?

Virginia said...

Heck yeah. Love the balloons! This one reminds me of those Macy's balloons that sometimes lose their steam along the way.

Knoxville Girl said...

That's unfortunate advertising for Energizer. But what a lot of humor in your shot - the bunzilla that ate St. Louis.
More balloons, svp.

Wayne said...

Glad for the close up of the EB. I noticed it in yesterday's shot and wondered how it could actually fly. Now we know.

As cool as this little guy is I'm convinced Duracells last longer.

PJ said...

He looks way cool in his shades so I don't think he's worried about his image. He's gonna let the suits deal with all that, that's what he pays them for.