Tuesday, September 2, 2008

STL CDPB On The Road: Seattle

We went to dinner Sunday night at the home of a friend and his wife in the Ballard neighborhood. He's a lawyer with the same kind of practice of mine and a pretty good photographer. In fact, he's the person who first told me about CDPB. Between the main course and dessert, we went to the primo overlook of downtown from Queen Anne Hill to take sunset pictures. This view is hardly original but it represents memories of this wonderful city.

WHAT I'LL PROBABLY BE DOING WHEN YOU SEE THIS: flying home to St. Louis, hunched over my MacBook, frantically editing pictures.

TOMORROW: more souvenirs of this trip until I can shoot some more home town material.

TUESDAY EVENING WEIRDNESS UPDATE: I had hoped to meet Kim from Seattle Daily Photo when I was in town but it didn't work due to a communication mix-up. But see Kim's post today here - almost exactly the same as mine above! Turns out we were on the same overlook at the same time shooting the same subject. We probably tripped over one another - there were a lot of photographers there - but didn't know who one another were. We'll work it out the next time I'm in Seattle and, of course, Kim (and all of our CDP colleagues) are always welcome in St. Louis.


Virginia said...

Wow S.T., this is so gorgeous it could be on a postcard!! :) Seriously, it's just great. Keep editing so we will have lots more to see.

Olivier said...

rien à dire : magnifique.

nothing to say: magnificent.

Knoxville Girl said...

Have you checked out Kim's photo at Seattle DP? It looks like you were both at the same place, same time! You just framed the Space Needle differently. That's the serendipity I love about CDPB.

Anonymous said...

That looks really futuristic! What a great shot!

Hilda said...

It may not be original, but it's yours. And I think it's fantastic! The Space Needle looks about ready to take off.

Too bad you and Kim weren't able to meet up. That would've been a nice photo to see on both your sites.

Anonymous said...

I think it was or is amazing that you two were so close and yet so far. And the pictures are both beautiful.

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