Friday, September 5, 2008

A Last Note From Seattle

Typically for me, I took thousands of pictures in Washington State. Tomorrow it's back to St. Louis but today I leave Seattle with a couple of visual memories. Above, the Space Needle is framed by a giant work in Olympic Sculpture Park. Below, a vendor at the famous Pike Place Market. Seattle is a city I reture to over and over again.

There are many more of my pictures of the Olympics and Seattle on Flickr. Click here.

WHAT I ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO DO: get out on the street this weekend and shoot some local stuff.

TOMORROW: back to The Lou, but with what? How about a giant catsup bottle drained of all the red color?


slim said...

This is a magnificent shot! There is so much to see in this picture . . . even a little blue sky at the top . . .

Virginia said...

What a surprise! At the top I was admiring the graphic orange sculpture against the blue sky, then I scrolled down and BAM! There was the Space Needle perfectly framed. You're good I tell ya. Your street portrait is great as always.

Michaela said...

Love it!