Saturday, September 27, 2008

Baseball Memories (Secrets Revealed)

Last Sunday, there was an open house at Busch Stadium for St. Louis Cardinals season ticket holders. We buy them for the office and mostly give them to clients but the account is in my name. ShadowyOne and I went (see yesterday's post). There were tours of the clubhouse and dugout. When our new stadium opened in April, 2006, season subscribers were invited to write up their memories of the team. You can search for people by name on a couple of video screens on the premises.

So, here's the beginning of the entry for the Strangetastes family, written by me. That guy on the left is your humble blogger in the Cardinals' dugout, sitting where Albert Pujols might hang out. Below, Strangetastes and ShadowyOne, at the special request of VJ. Secrets revealed.

WHAT I"M DOING AS I WRITE THIS: watching the Obama - McCain debate. I don't think I can take two hours of this.

TOMORROW: teddy at third base, or, sentimentality run wild.


PJ said...

I couldn'timagine what you were talking about when you said you were going to post your family stats but now I see. This is great!

As for the debates, I watched them and I think Obama - who I support - did what he needed to do. McCain - who I do not support - did what I hoped he would do.
My question: Who in their right mind wants to be president when it's never seemed less relevant?

Virginia said...

For baseball lovers like you and your family, I can just imagine what a great day it was for you. It's just a big old family day at the CDP! Thanks for sharing these great photos with us. ( I think I know how you feel when the Cards come on the field, probably like I do at Jordan- Hare when my Auburn Tigers roar onto the field). in your honor I promise to learn who is playing in the World Series this year. They haven't played it yet have they?????

Sharon said...

Great post. Thanks for sharing! Sadly, when I worked those two years in St. Louis, I never did go to a game. That would have been in the old stadium. I did however, have to squeeze myself into the MetroLink many times on a game night.

Wayne said...

Did you carve your initials in the bench ST?

Barbara Rahal said...

I guess is a bit of the blues in the air at the end of the season...Thanks for sharing with us!!! !!!