Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Gasses And Liquids But Not Solids

This post reflects what Hurricane Ike did through the central US from the Gulf coast to Michigan and up into Ontario, Canada. There was a lot of fluid. Galveston, Texas got wiped out. Houston got soaked like it was Noah's flood. We got enough to cause some significant local flooding in low-lying areas but Chicago got more than twice as much as rain as we did. No place is safe (including Wall Street). Incidentally, this building is a block away from the nailed books of recent posts.

Where could you live in your country that is relatively free of the risk of natural disaster?

WHAT THAT TICKING SOUND SIGNIFIES: we get on a plane to Tokyo four weeks from today. Nihon-e ikkimas. Honto desu. (Quoted from Really, Really Basic Japanese for Foreign Devils by S. Tastes, Bloggy Press, St. Louis, 2008.)

TOMORROW: cheap helicopter rides. Does that idea bother you?


Virginia said...

S.T. I see your point, but I detest graffiti. It's too early to rant, I haven't had coffee yet.

Just had another peek at Killer. He still cracks me up.

Saretta said...

Where I live now (Molfetta, Italy) is relatively free from natural disasters...few earthquakes, no tsunamis, hurricanes, typhoons... Just man-made disasters around here!

Unknown said...

It's incredible that a hurricane can affect so much of the nation.

Nice picture, I'm a huge fan of graffiti, especially some of the stuff around STL.

Where is this located?

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

Lovely picture. I like the blend of denotation with the text and the actual remnants of fluid drawing the rust out of those grates. Nice geometry/framing too.