Monday, February 25, 2008

Trade Your Old Waste For Shiny New Waste

Another interesting find along this small section of North Broadway. I took this picture on a Saturday when no one was around and nothing was going on. No clues about what actually hapens here. I can't decide if this is eco-friendly or a toxic pit. What's your guess about who is trading what for what?

TOMORROW: The Seat of Power


Mitch said...

Wow, that's a Moment of Zen, baby. Seems like they have been in business for a while though.

I'm curious, I'd like to swap out my dingy waste for some new shinny stuff too.
- Mitch

U "R" Us AKA Captain Crowe said...

Maybe it's a waste futures trading pit.

Just caught your b-way odyssey of the past few days. Pretty cool off the beaten path STL stuff.

Mo said...

I'm going with toxic pit.

The D in D & T said...

Cool photo, love the title!