Thursday, February 14, 2008

Thursday Arch Series

An American Airlines Boeing 757 heads north over the Mississippi just behind the Arch. Soon it will turn left, descending to the west into Lambert St. Louis International Airport. Nobody here has a clue who Lambert was. You could look it up, I guess.

We're a secondary hub for American Airlines, which is not so bad. We can get to most of the world if we transfer in Chicago or Dallas-Fort Worth. Back in Lambert's glory days, it was the main hub for TWA, with 425 departures a day including non-stop service to London, Paris, Mexico City, Vancouver, Anchorage and Hawaii. No more.
Nevertheless, my wife and I are skilled players of AA's frequent flyer program. It gets us where we want to go.

TOMORROW: Valentine, A Day Late and a Blossom Short

1 comment:

Olivier said...

superbe composition, et la lumière est très belle. c'est une série sans fin et c'est que du plaisir.

Superb composition, and the light is very beautiful. It is an endless series and that is fun.