Sunday, February 24, 2008

Sunday Night Supplement

So, the flight into Washington National was fine. I get to the hotel and check in. Odd things begin to happen. After she runs my credit card, the clerk presses a warm cookie in a little paper bag into my hand. That's different. I don't eat cookies but I am surprised and accept it. Some US hotels have the TV turned on when a guest checks into the room, usually to the hotel info channel. But a few hotels anticipate your every desire and my TV - how did they know! - is showing an Austin Powers movie. Strangest of all, I am assigned Room 666. I am shocked that any US hotel would have a Room 666. Some of my fundamentalist countrymen and women would completely flip out. For those of you from non-Christian societies, the reference is from the last book of the New Testament, Revelations, full of mystic symbolism about the end of time. 666 is "the mark of the beast," a numerological representation of Satan or the Antichrist. The room is quite comfortable but if I notice sulfurous fumes emanating from the vents I may ask for a change.

TOMORROW: Such a waste.

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Anonymous said...

There are other places with room 666 in the USA including George Mason University, and Suffock Law School. There is even buildings with the 666 number such as the IBEW Local Union 666 building in Virginia--Satan's electricians? And the famous 6's building address (666) in New York that has been changed in 2002 to the Citicorp name plaque to replace the 666 address plaque--a cigar room is what it is. Where "Satan" smokes in NYC perhaps.