Thursday, February 28, 2008

At The National Gallery

When I'm in Washington, I always pay a visit to the National Gallery of Art. There are two buildings. The older, neoclassical West Building has works through roughly the end on the 19th Century. The East Building has the modern stuff. A tunnel that connects them contains a waterfall and window shown at the bottom. The top and middle images show a work by Dan Flavin, an artist whose medium was neon tubes.

The East Building makes my eyes and brain work hard. After crossing the tunnel, I looked at some 16th and 17th Century Dutch painting in the East Building. Hardly lightweight art but much more soothing.

There are other pictures I took at the National Gallery on Flickr here.

TOMORROW: Back to The Lou.


iBlowfish said...

Interesting photos, I'll come for sure to visit National Gallery of Art next time I am in DC.

Jing said... lucky & happy i opened the website today randomly~~~

nice photos.i like them... :))

and wish you have nice weekend!!!