Sunday, February 24, 2008

Crystal Grill

Well, there wasn't much enthusiasm for yesterday's picture of city life. So let's go a couple of blocks down Broadway and change to color. I never heard of this place before. It's not even listed in our town's exhaustive web directory of restaurants. It is obviously in business and makes its living on three hours trade a day. If you zoom in on the red-on-yellow sign to the right of the door, it says "Open 11 AM to 2 PM." I'd like to go there for lunch.

The Crystal has great design. I love the decorative framing on the top and sides, and way the whole facade slides down the grade from left to right.

I'm heading for Washington, DC, this afternoon on business. There's some extra time built in for me to walk around the District with my camera. Good chance some results will show up here.


Kate said...

Yes, do have lunch there and try the corned beef and cabbage on St. Pat's Day! But, liver and onions?? Yuk! Have a good DC trip!

edwin s said...

ooh, comfort food!

have a great trip.