Saturday, November 24, 2007

O Mighty Huntsmen

Several of my nephews and their friends went out quail hunting yesterday. As it turned out, the quail population of Washington County, Kansas, was not in great danger. U “R” Us and I went along to record the event. We outgunned the locals: they were toting shotguns but we were shooting Canons.

The hunters saw a couple of quail but didn’t come close to getting any. When we got back to the farmhouse, they all saw something fly by and opened fire en masse, missing one after another. Eventually something fuzzy fell from the sky. Forty shotgun blasts (yes, literally) later and their total catch for the day was one lousy pigeon.

Afterwards, the guys decided to shoot clay targets. They did a little better. U “R” Us had never fired a shotgun (or almost any other weapon) so his cousin Ryan gave him a lesson. He beat the country boys round after round, to his surprise and delight. He’s taking some new personal defense skills home to Chicago.

TOMORROW: They don't speak Plattdeutsch here


Clueless in Boston said...

That almost sounds like a story for a sitcom. At least they didn't shoot their lawyer like Dick Cheney did:)

Jim Klenke said...

I can here someone saying 'HA HA HA, look at the hunter man'

Andree said...

those are really great hunting photos, especially that first one. I enjoyed the story a lot!

Viola said...

Yesterday, the Monday after Thanksgiving, is the beginning of rifle hunting season in PA. I was impressed that my neighbor got a deer by archery the day when PSU football played against Purdue. There must be a lot of fun.