Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Power and Light

Back to the recycle bin until I can shoot some new material. About a month ago, I posted a picture of this old power station, just the upper-right corner with the word Light. Someone asked me to show the whole facade. This is just the top but contains the whole former name of the company, Union Power and Light. What a great concept: we are the source of POWER and LIGHT. Sticking your finger in an electric socket could be a nearly religious experience.

Thanks again to Mitch from Minneapolis for reminding me to use the Photoshop CS3 deskew tool to square up these photos of buildings shot from below.

TOMORROW: Thursday Arch Series returns


Mitch said...

That's fantastic. I love the clouds and the distortion on the chimneys look like the Titanic. Blue skies must be on the mind, I had to go Blue on my picture for the day too.

Thanks for crediting me for inspiring you.

- Mitch

Olivier said...

très belle lumière sur cette photo, nous voila dans un voyage dans le passé

Beautiful light of this picture, we veiled in a trip down memory lane