Tuesday, November 27, 2007

That Hawk Again

Back in the Lou, as we say, after several days way out in Kansas. There are photos from the prairies on Flickr here.

Anyway, last Wednesday I posted a photo of a hawk atop a building in Forest Park beside a bright half moon. It got a very positive response. This is another picture from the same series.

THIS BLOG HAD A VISITOR FROM ITS 100TH COUNTRY TODAY, someone from Namibia. We've had 14,000 visitors in a little less than nine months. Thanks to all.

TOMORROW: Power and Light


Olivier said...

tres belle composition, j'aime beaucoup

Ioanna said...

Thanks for steping by and for your advises! Your photos are great!Have a nice day!

Viola said...

Wondering what the hawk is standing there for... a rat?

Isadora said...

He may also be hungry, but he sure looks cold to me.