Friday, November 9, 2007

The Old Court House At Night

Now that it's getting dark around 5 PM / 17.00 in St. Louis, I can pack my camera and tripod in the trunk of my car and go out for some night shots after work. I did that Wednesday night for the first time, just walking around downtown. This is the west entrance to the historic Old Court House, which I have featured in the past. Got some good night shots of the Arch, too, which will certainly find their way here on a Thursday. More of this to come.

As suggested by Mitch from Minneapolis in his comment, I changed this picture in Photoshop from the version first posted this morning to relieve some of the "looking up" narrowing from bottom to top. Good idea.


Kate said...

I like this shot because instead of the emphasis on the dome you highlighted the entrance and the windows above them. Interesting symmetry.

Mitch said...

Classical Greek architecture makes for great night photography! You might want to try getting the pillars vertical. You can do this in Photoshop with the distort tool. Just something to try, it's a great B&W shot. Good luck with the night photography!

Thanks for the comment about my bridge photo on my blog:

Jen said...

Love this shot. I have been itching to do some nighttime shooting now that it is getting dark early too.

Bob Crowe said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Mitch. It crossed my mind to do that last night when I was preparing the post but I got distracted. I usually re-post my pictures in late afternoon and I'll put up a revised copy.

Jen - thank you too. I agree that it's time for night photography in the northern hemisphere. Hope to stop on my way home tonight to shoot an outdoor sculpture that has steam shot through colored lights and metal grates, if it's been turned on for the winter yet. Maybe also some colorful greasy spoons.

And Kate - your thoughtful comments are always appreciated.

Oswegan said...

The old court house is cool.


Anonymous said...

i like the formal lines here and it is an imposing structure--a very nice night shot

Anonymous said...

Nice! I like it this way, I'm glad you tried it. The building has such solid verticals, it was unsettling the other way. Thanks for crediting me, keep up the good work.
- Mitch