Saturday, November 10, 2007

Courtesy Diner

Out prowling at night again with my camera and tripod. Everybody knows Courtesy Diner, on Hampton Avenue just south of Forest Park. Whether you go for the food or the exceptionally good manners of the staff is up to you. I hear the chili and breakfasts are great but I've never been in the place. It's open way late for the nighthawks.

TOMORROW: Dark flavors


Kate said...

Judging by the number of cars, it looks as though it's a popular night spot. Also looks pretty neat and clean, at least from this distance.

Maggie said...

Although we have since moved to Steak N Shake, us Muny ushers once called the Courtesy Diner home after late shows like Fiddler and Show Boat (Gosh what an amazing show - standing ovation for Joe every night!!!). Great subject, great shot.

Lynette said...

Wonderful photo. Thanks for posting it.

Anonymous said...

Nice looking photograph.

Lots of traffic. Must be good food.

This old man's post brought tears on this Veteran's Day but not because I am a Korean War era veteran.
The Squirrel's Nest

Ming the Merciless said...

I love late night diner food. I guess it reminds me of my college days.

When I lived in Astoria, I used to go downstairs to the 24-hour Greek diner and ordered roast chicken with apple stuffing at 3 AM in the morning. But that was during the summer when I don't have to work the next morning. :-)

That's what I love about NYC. It is REALLY a 24-hour city.

Carlos Lorenzo said...

For us here in Europe, this looks like the movies but I can't deny there's a certain aura around these places that really attracts us like flies.

Allison said...

You should really go, either for the crackbutter pancakes or a baconcheeseburger. Cheap, good food. Why not stop?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I found your page from google when I was (obviously) looking for a picture of Courtesy Diner.

The food is regular diner food, but there's a jukebox, and it's a pretty great place to be.

This is where the drunk college kids hang out at 3am.