Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday Arch Series

I am trying a new approach to visions of the Arch. This photo was shot in monochrome on a bright summer day, looking almost straight up from underneath. I edited it to make it less sharp and add graininess. The result looks like an old photograph or poor quality film, the kind of picture you used to see of alleged flying saucers. It also reminds me of low resolution astronomical photos from the years before digiitally enhanced imaging. The strange, modernistic shape and sun disk give it kind of a science fiction look anyway. It's a bit mysterious.

What's your reaction?

TOMORROW: Nighttime


Olivier said...

je trouve que cela donne un bel effet. beau travail sur l'arche

I think it gives a nice effect. Good work on the arche

Forks and Forest said...

Interesting effect. Almost looks misty.
And I definitely remember more of my shots that I care to admit turning out grainy in days of yore. :~}

• Eliane • said...

Hmm, mysterious indeed. I am always curious to see your new pictures of the arch. It's the same but it's different!