Thursday, November 29, 2007

Thursday Arch Series

Some day I may run out of ways to look at the Arch, but not just yet. This image makes me think of the tail or wing of an airliner. Fly the friendly skies of St. Louis.

TOMORROW: Our Lady of Guadalupe, Pray For Mass Casualties


Mitch said...

Love it. What's it like living with such a thing of such monstrous beauty? I can ignore the Minneapolis skyline, it's just a bunch of buildings and Minneapolis has lots of river valleys and trees, but that arch must be always visible.

Maybe I'm in a over-caffeinated paranoid state this morning, but that thing is starting to make me nervous.

- Mitch in Minneapolis

Anonymous said...

Great photo - I love features like this that can always be seen from new angles, new perspectives. Very handy for a city daily photo blogger! :)

Bob Crowe said...

Thank you both for your notes. The Arch may be an inexhaustible subject. I can see about three-quarters of it from my office window (I should post a picture of that if I can get around the window glare). I see it every day when I drive to work. Its design is so simple visually yet mathematically complex. Sure, I'm biased, but I think it is the most beautiful monumental sculpture in the world. It feels like an old, reliable friend.

Olivier said...

vue comme cela, on dirait un immense building.
As sight, it looks like a huge building.

GMG said...

Love that blue sky. Great shot!

Dan said...

I think it is great to revisit and relook at the same subject from different angles over and over. This is a great pic. Seems like it would work really well as a black and white too.

Anonymous said...

I also live in St. Louis and I do consider the Arch a thing of incredible beauty.

It amazes me that such an incredible thing was even conceived!

BTW, I'm an engineer by trade and there are a limitless number of ways to take pictures of The Arch.

(BTW, the comments are only allowing "blogger" accounts to link your name to a website)

Mitch said...

I was just wanted to say that I was intending no disrespect to the arch, it is an amazing feat of human engineering. I do love it an am jealous of the perpetual photography possibilities. When I wrote earlier I was just realizing how incredibly huge it is!
- Mitch