Sunday, September 30, 2012

Highland Mist

Scottish Games 7

Highland Mist is the name of a cheap brand of scotch sold in the US. If you have more than a wee dram, you may see visions like the one above if you drive through Forest Park on a chill autumn evening.

Just more stuff from the Friday night prelude to the Scottish Games. Below, a couple more strutting clan leaders. (I think they are called tribes everywhere else). The gentleman in the bottom picture was one of their number. There's nothing like a bagpipe to aid digestion and promote inner peace. I didn't get his name but his daughter standing with him is Shannon. Not very Scottish, since that's a beautiful, winding river in Ireland. He taught her to play the bagpipes. Was it a paternal curse or blessing?

Scottish Games 6

Scottish Games 8

Scottish Games 4


Birdman said...

I'm connected to the town of Stirling and the castle in a roundabout way. I have a great Stirling tartan tie too. said...

He probably taught her to play bagpipes because two bagpipes sound a lot better than one.

William Kendall said...

Earlier in the summer I recall leaving campus one evening, hearing the sound of quite a lot of bagpipes playing together. They were coming from a group of soldiers, who live in residence for the summer, while serving as the ceremonial guard.

I love the sound of the pipes, though for some bizarre reason, lots of people don't....

Jack said...

I like the bottom three photos. And, I LOVE bagpipes. My kids are under instructions to hire a bagpipe band to play Amazing Grace when my time comes.

PerthDailyPhoto said...

Love the top image Bob and yes after a wee dram it's quite likely the vision a fair few would see. Obviously I love the bagpipes,if played well nothing is as moving..good choice Jack has requested!